Property Management


CG Property Management provides Full Service Property Management for Single family homes, Townhomes, Small Multi-Tenant (duplex & fourplex) plus Commercial properties including Shopping Centers.

YOU benefit form OUR Experience.


Benefits you will receive:

  • Collection of Rents.
  • We respond to all tenant calls, repair requests, etc.
  • Deposit monthly rental proceeds to your account or mail you a check.
  • Acquire new tenants as necessary.
  • Credit & Reference checks on all tenant applications.
  • Negotiate & process all lease contracts.
  • Enforce lease terms.
  • Escrow security deposits.
  • Move out inspections & security deposit processing.
  • Year End statement & 1099
  • Update owners on changes in tenant/landlord laws.
  • Register with HOA to receive deed restriction letters/notices.
  • Quick collection of past due rents and/or evictions.


Put us to work for you today and relieve the burden of managing yourself.

Call Terry Conner at 713-856-0808 or contact him by email at to discuss how we can assist you with your property.